Karmic Auctions

Click here to see a live Karmic Auction

Click here to see a live Karmic Auction

Karma Auction is a new twist on the ‘Pay-it-Forward’ concept. Much like a traditional, sealed bid auction, goods and services are listed and put up for auction to the highest ‘bidder.’ The ‘seller’ reviews the ‘bids’ that are submitted, and decides which one has the highest karmic ‘value.’ The winning bidder then gets to collect the goods/services, and ‘pays it forward’ as they had indicated in the auction.

The ‘payment’ is based on good faith and honor system, and the intention is that the Karmic payment from the winning bidder starts a chain reaction and the ‘Pay-it-Forward’ ripple effect magnifies. The ‘seller’ immediately impacts at least two parties – the bidder and the recipient(s) of the bidders karmic payment. In addition, a certain number of the non-winning bidders may feel inspired to donate their Karmic payment, even without receiving the auctioned item. And naturally, some of those recipients will be inspired to contribute their own random acts of kindness. Through this auction concept, the original ‘cash’ value of the item has been transformed into an exponentially greater ‘karmic’ value.

The first trial of this is being conducted using a large number of computers and hardware from a liquidated real estate company in NYC. The Karma auction is scheduled to continue thru end of September. To learn more and to participate in the first Karmic Auction, click here.

Much like eBay standardized currency-based auctions, we would like to expand and standardize this concept as an additional outlet for individuals and corporations looking to donate goods and services.