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Click here to see a live Karmic Auction

Click here to see a live Karmic Auction

The first Karmic Auction was a tremendous success. Although barely more than an idea, it has already caught the attention of national news outlets like CBS News and charity websites like, and Deepak Chopra even mentioned it on his Twitter account.

Most inspiring, however, is the wide range of amazing bids that were submitted in the “Pay-It-Forward” auction process. Each of these bidders ‘won’ a free PC and Monitor or Laser Printer, which will make a profound difference for them. The greater impact, however, is that hundreds of anonymous people will receive some generous act of kindness as a result! Some of those will in turn pass that along, starting a chain reaction with unimaginable results.

Listed below are some of the winning bids that represent pure and creative generosity and which remind us of the beautiful potential of humanity.

“I will buy two months of meals for the homeless guy “Ken” who is always at the corner near my home, all year around. He often tells me how poor the quality of food is that he gets at the shelters and some people even give him food at the corner, they have half eaten.”
~ Yolanda

“I don’t want it for myself, I want it for the local village school – out here in Vanuatu, so the kids have a chance to access modern technology and hopefully the internet – thus a portal to the outside world…..”
~ Scott

“I will be donating it to a group of teenaged boys that are in foster care in a group home. This way they will be able to use it for homework and not have to rely on someone to drive them across town to the library.”
~ Sheinna

“For one year, on a daily basis, I will give a dollar to at least one performer/musician I see on my NYC commute Mon-Fri, then I’ll smile, and tell them to ‘keep chasing the dream.'”
~ Jim

The auction continues and more computers and equipment are up for bid. If you know of anyone in need of a PC, printer, fax, etc, please send them to

You can read more about the concept at

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